Do you eat organic food ?
- if not watch this video.

It's important to know what you are eating.
This third-grader demonstrates quite clearly what happens when your food is poisoned with chemicals.

Thanks to Dr. Mercola for this video - click here


Chlorpropham (commercial names: Bud Nip, Taterpex) is a plant growth regulator and herbicide used as a sprout suppressant for grass weeds, alfalfa, lima and snap beans, blueberries, cane berries, carrots, cranberries, ladino clover, garlic, seed grass, onions, spinach, sugar beets, tomatoes, safflower, soybeans, gladioli and woody nursery stock. It is also used to inhibit potato sprouting and for sucker control in tobacco.

Chlorpropham is available in emulsifiable concentrate and liquid formulations.

Toxic side effects?


Toxicity to humans, includes carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity.
Water quality standards and physical properties affecting water contamination potential. 

Chlorpropham is just one out of thousands that is allowed to be used in our food supply- it's shocking!
Hence the rise in cancer and other diseases.

What's the Importance of all of this? To Help Go Organic & Go Green!

There are so many sites and data bases today that detail the amount of toxicity due to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides plus indoor environmental chemicals.

Then we are bombarded with personal care products saturated with toxins. Many environmental groups such as: ,  

to mention a few, are superb in outlining the chemical dangers to our health, the planet, water, air, wildlife - actually to all of life.  

This site was developed over a few years as organic or wild crafted, eco-friendly, greening products Plus energy healing technologies became more available!

Enjoy the many connecting links: :   and others found on the this site.

Thank you for taking an interest in caring for your-self and our planet.

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